We Have 12 Months To Make the End of 2019 Look Different.


Happy 2019 y'all!​

Look, we all know that a lot can happen in the course of a year, but what you don't want to do is to just let things happen to you. The things that you WANT for yourself has to have some intentionality around it. I'm also speaking to myself.

​And of course you don't have to everything all figured out when you start out your new year of being intentional to move forward, you just need to commit to moving forward.

​Taking small steps and being consistent, wash, rinse, repeat... these are the things that will help to catapult you to the success that you desire!

​Prayer is good, but without planning and putting in the work needed to help you level up, you're basically just dreaming and wishing.

​And don't get caught in the trap that is PERFECTIONISM. This is a daily struggle for me, needing things to be perfect before moving forward. Don't do that. Fight the fear of needing something to be, look, sound, perfect, perfectionism is an enemy of progress.

​Yes, always remember that if you want something bad enough, no one will be able to stop you from getting it. So make a plan of how you can achieve it and go after it!

​You know who has instant success? Lottery winners. Overnight success is a myth. The successful folks you that you think made it overnight have actually been working on their craft.

​And look, I know we all like "LIKES" the culture of social media has us too dependent on likes, comments and follower numbers, but just remember if you post it, people see it. And believe it or not, you're inspiring folks whether they like, comment or not.

​Set out to create the things you wish existed in the marketplace, because there's a chance that other folks wish it existed too and would be ready and willing to buy it.

​That thing you're afraid to do is probably the window to your breakthrough. Just some food for thought.

​And lastly, look stop shrinking yourself to make other folks comfortable. Walk confidently in your dopeness, make people respect your fresh, and end your 2019 in a much better position than you ended 2018.