DIY Dress to Skirt Remix...


've had a mini obsession with full skirts for a minute now. And a few months ago, I had the idea to turn a gingham dress I'd made a few years ago into a fun full skirt. With POCKETS! Because my dress already had pockets when I made it before. The pic below is a before shot of the gingham "Mad Men" dress I made back in 2009.

What I did was pick the seam apart from the bodice of the dress, only leaving the skirt portion because I wanted to make a new, more fitted waistband than the loose fitting one I had on the dress. The loose waistband is easier to see on me wearing the dress here. So I did have a bit of waist measuring and tailoring to do. I also didn't want to fight with re-doing the gathers so I decided to do large pleats instead. And I have to pat myself on the back a little bit right here, because It's clear to me how far I've come with my sewing, I see visible progress from my dress back in 2009 to this remixed skirt (2014). Just the fit of the waist of my skirt alone is a marked improvement. So yay! More pics below, photography by Ron Ward.