DIY: My Long Sleeved T-Shirt Maxi Dress Redo

My DIY Maxi Dress Redo...
My DIY Maxi Dress Redo...

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This was my maxi dress BEFORE I did it over (above). I made this dress about 3 years ago, find out why I made such a huge bubble dress HERE.

This was my inspiration for doing that dress over. I just fell in like with the idea of doing a long sleeved t-shirt maxi dress for some reason and this particular dress (that I found on Pinterest) just spoke to me. But how would I do it?

I based the way I did the pattern for my long-sleeved maxi dress on the way the pattern was done above (found it HERE) you could either use a pattern you already have OR use a t shirt you like and trace or cut the fit onto pattern paper or your desired fabric (<< click that link for a video on how to do it. It's a bit long, but informative)

I completely dismantled the dress at the top of this post as I'd be using that for my skirt portion. I had about a yard of extra, never touched fabric to do the long sleeved tee of the dress. And finally...

My long-sleeved t-shirt maxi dress completed! I like it but I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Amazing! You look fantastic...will definitely be trying this out! -Candyce Nicole