DIY OUTFIT: Feeling French in the French Quarter


One of the easiest ways to mix a bunch of random patterns is to stay in the same color family. My outfit? It's black. It's white. And none of what I'm wearing is new. The gingham skirt was once a dress I made that I RE-made into a skirt (see HERE) the striped crop top was once a full t-shirt from Forever 21 (that you've probably seen before HERE) I sliced it up to make it new, and the houndstooth pumps you've seen before HERE. My buffalo plaid scarf was a Target find a long time ago and the white sunnies, sorry, I have no clue where I purchased them, they're that old. I was just kind of casually trying on things in my closet one afternoon when I stumbled upon all these items I had in black and white and got the idea to throw it all together to make one cute (very French looking, yes?!) outfit. And like I said, my outfit isn't all that new, but my hair is! This is my 6th DIY crochet braid installation. Having crochet braids just gives me a nice little break from having to style my own hair every day, and that's precisely why I love them. Scroll down below for a few more pics taken in the magical New Orleans French Quarter on a beautifully crisp Fall November day! Photos by Ron Ward.