FAQ: Do You Sew For Hire?


Yes I sew, but not for hire. Now let me explain. First of all, I am flattered, FLATTERED! That people would want me to create/sew/alter/fix something for them. I've even had success sewing for folks in the past, albeit reluctantly. Sewing for me is a creative outlet, much the same as someone who takes up painting or photography or dancing... as a hobby. I'm working on monetizing my sewing, but custom sewing or sewing for hire is not something I'm interested in. Back in 1998 and 1999 I lived in Los Angeles attending school for Fashion Design. This is where I learned how to design a complete ready-to-wear clothing collection. This is also where (again, reluctantly) I learned how to sew. Over time, I've learned to appreciate knowing how to sew but at the same time, when I graduated from the design program, I never, ever, not once considered myself a seamstress, and I still don't because I'm NOT. I simply just happen to know how to sew and I'm still learning! 

People: But you sew so well, what about sewing for people on the side? You could earn extra $$$!


People: What about doing simple alterations for people for $$$?


People: What about....?

Sorry to cut you off, but 


I also want to be clear to anyone who has ever asked me to create/sew/alter/fix something for them, without knowing my NOPE policy, I want you to know that this is on ME for not clearly articulating exactly what I'm here for and what I'm not. But trust, when I finally launch something big in the marketplace using my sewing and design skill, you will be some of the very first to know it. Thank you guys so much for understanding and as always, I appreciate your support :)