FASHION SEWING: My DIY Inspired Mini Shirtdress...


When I first saw the pink dress that inspired me to make mine (see below), I thought it was a cute summer dress. I thought this dress would be perfect for summer food and music festivals or just cool enough to wear outside in the heat of the summer. I knew I wanted to make my own.

Spotted this dress on Pinterest, are you following me there? (Hip Candy)

My dress is a sewing pattern hack of McCall's M6885. I only used the top portion of that pattern, cutting it off before reaching the bottom of the shirt placket then adding darts for shaping from the armhole and waist. After that, I self drafted a gathered skirt (basically just a rectangle shape extended) then I continued the button placket onto the skirt and of course, I added my pockets. I only had 2 yards of fabric to complete this dress so I had to make it work. My personal height was a huge help (short ladies, where y'all at! lol) otherwise this dress would have been a top. It's a little shorter than I planned for it to be, but it's also a summer mini dress, so it all works out. And dresses like this are why your cutoff shorts could be a good idea. I'm pleased with it.

When you can sew your own style, it's a superpower that allows you to make whatever you want at a FRACTION of what it could cost to buy the same thing online or in stores, real talk, but I also get that everyone doesn't sew, just know this and hear me when I say it, it's NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN TO SEW! But that being said, if you like this style dress but you don't want to make one, I got you there too, check the link below to browse and shop similar dresses and as always, thanks for reading!

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