How To Make A Store Bought Skirt Better By Adding Pockets...


So if you sew and you purchased something that didn't have pockets but you WANT SOME POCKETS... you ADD SOME POCKETS. If you've never added pockets to a store bought item, trust me, it's not that hard (see how I did it HERE) And if you're intimidated by cutting into a finished seam on something you just bought, how about practicing on something you don't wear anymore, a dress in the back of your closet, or a nice $3 dollar thrifted skirt or dress from Goodwill? I bought my skirt for $11 bucks from the Wish App online. I loved it the moment I saw it, it was inexpensive, bold and fun! But it didn't have any pockets. I don't get why you wouldn't already put pockets on such a fun skirt. I mean look at it! This skirt looks like a carnival! Cute dresses and skirts should always have pockets.

So if you want to see how I added pockets to this skirt, you can WATCH my sewing process HERE. Happy sewing! And look, don't mind my "extra" in the pic below, I'm just getting in formation for BLACK PANTHER.

Adding Pockets to a Purchased Dress is Easier Than You Think [Read it]