I'm Sewing This Vogue V9343 Pattern Because I'm a Sucker For a Cute Dress...


VOGUE Pattern V9343

Because, how cute is it?! Plus it has POCKETS!! Look, this cute dress pattern had my name on it. I'm also trying to work my way through my fabric stash which has gotten a little out of control in the last few years. But in my defense, when you see cute fabric at $2 and $3 dollars a yard, it's kinda hard to just leave it there at the fabric store, you feel me?

But this practice of not being able to resist cute, low-priced fabric has me over run with it at my house right now, so I threw a challenge to myself to get my fabric stash down and MAKE, MAKE, MAKE, before buying more fabric. And this dress is the first make from my fabric stash in 2019 (my first make of 2019 was my black and white Kimono Duster that I showed in my IG Stories made with brand new purchased fabric) Now, you might be asking if I'm making this dress for Valentine's Day and yeah, ok.. I guess. If it's completed by then, then sure, I'll snap a couple pics wearing it. My excitement for Valentine's Day cannot be contained, can't you tell?

Stay tuned for my completed dress! Think you might want to try this Vogue Pattern? Get it HERE.