Loose Fit Tee To Fitted Tee: A "Sort of" Sewing Tutorial


Hey y'all! Remember me? lol. Look, I realize I've been M.I.A. lately which is why I wanted to document my latest, super simple sewing project. Seriously, making over t-shirts is a quick way to build up your sewing confidence (even though I made a few simple mistakes with this one, you really can't beat sharpening your sewing skills with old t-shirts).

I've had this t-shirt for years now. I used to take annual trips to New York for my birthday in October (my first birthday trip there was in 1996, and my most recent was in 2006) and I purchased this particular tee on one of those trips. I bought it and then never wore it because I didn't love the fit, and it wasn't until recently when I was pinning to my Fashion Sewing Inspiration board on Pinterest that I came across THIS PIN on how to give your t-shirts a more feminine fit. Light bulbs!! I can finally fix my New York City tee!

First I laid my t-shirt flat on my cutting table trying to line up my side seams, shoulder seams, armpit seams and armhole seams. I worked on my t-shirts on the right side but working on it inside out like she did in the tutorial (in the link above) is just as easy.

Then I chose a t-shirt with a fit that I loved (the fit of my Hershey's tee is perfection) and I laid that on top top lining up my shoulder seams and neck line. It was all very crudely done. I didn't pin anything to make sure it didn't shift. I just kind of "eyeballed" it. Eyeballing it is always quicker.

Then I folded the sleeves under on my Hershey's tee so that I could trace and outline it onto my New York City tee (in blue fabric chalk, you can *barely* see it below) and this is the point where I made this project way more complicated than it should have been because I wanted to remove the sleeves completely, then reset them... O_O so seriously, if I'm confusing you, refer back to the tutorial link HERE, because her way is simpler for nearly the identical result.

All in all, even with my simple mistakes, I'm really pleased with the results and I feel really confident that I could do this again (seamlessly) if I wanted to. You can always learn from mistakes, don't ever forget that :)

The before and after pictured above!