My Copycat Valentino Dress


A few months ago, I posted this super cute Valentino dress coming down the runway (from their Fall/Winter 2014 collection), and I knew almost instantly that I wanted to try to make it. Slow forward almost 3 months later, and my dupe dress is finally done!

The top of the dress is a mixture of New Look 6483 that I've previously made a gazillion Frankenstein dress patterns from (see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE all from that same pattern) and I used the collar from New Look 6299 and added my own sleeve cuffs. My circle skirt is just the standard circle skirt pattern (see the first time I made a circle skirt HERE) except I added 9 inches in width to the front and another 6 inches to the back so that I could add inverted pleats along with some gathered tulle for a little more volume. And POCKETS. Pockets always.

Even though I took all the time in the world to sew this replica dress, I think it turned out cute. And while we're talking about sewing, let me take the time (again) to answer a question that I continue to be asked, and that is "do you sew for hire?" And my answer has not changed. Truth is, I'm not a seamstress and I've never considered myself to be one... why, you ask? Because it's not my calling. I have all the respect in the world for people who do custom sewing, that's just not what I do. I'm just a girl who loves to sew pretty things and if I inspire someone else to dust off their sewing machine or learn to sew for the first time ever, then how cool is that?! So NOPE, I DO NOT sew for hire, but I will ALWAYS be flattered and humbled that you would ask. Now back to my finally finished copycat dress, check out a few more pics below! Photography by Ron Ward.

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