My DIY 2-Piece Plaid Dress

DIY 2-Piece Plaid Dress
DIY 2-Piece Plaid Dress

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Another 2-piece set? WHATTT?! Yeah, yeah I know, I’ve been going a little buck wild with the crop top sets, but methinks this is my last one for a while. I purchased this plaid fabric over 2 years ago, and YAY for moving my way through my ridiculous fabric stash, right?! I had totally different plans for what I wanted to do with this fabric when I bought it, but hey. Plans change. I’ve been in a crop top set phase and this is my 3rd diy crop top set in 3 months. I like this one! It’s comfy and fun to wear. I used New Look 6483 once again for the top (I cropped it, removed the darts and added buttons to the back of view C) and McCall’s 5578 for the skirt, adding a waistband and pockets (I used McCall’s 5578 before HERE) this pattern is basically a rectangle shape so it's a simple base pattern to do whatever you want with it.

I think this set could easily go from spring to fall, wouldn’t you agree? See a few more pics of my completed diy 2-piece crop-top dress below! And Happy Thanksgiving everybody! All photography by Ron Ward.

Pair this 2-piece dress with a pair of Chuck Taylors in the Spring or Summer for when you want to be extra cute at the backyard barbecue or outdoor music festival.

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