My DIY Denim Boyfriend Shorts...


Denim Boyfriend Shorts?! I spotted this look on Pinterest and thought it was the coolest ever. This look is smack in the middle of my style comfort zone. Easy, comfy, chic. I just needed an oversized pair of boyfriend jeans that I could cut off and make my own. I was planning on trying to find myself a pair at the thrift store, when I remembered I already owned a pair #duh

So I bought these a few years ago from F21 and barely wore them because they constantly fell off me (I refuse to wear a belt with a pair of jeans) But they were perfect for what I needed to make my boyfriend shorts being that they were slightly oversized which is what you want (mine are 30" waist) so here's what I did...

I put them on to see how long I wanted them to be, it's best to put them on to figure this out. Mark the length where you want to cut with chalk or something erasable, then sit down in them to see if they will fall where you want them to fall when you sit down. If you want to cuff them, measure down 3 more inches from your first mark and draw another line...

Since I'm cuffing my shorts I cut at the cuff line and then serged my edges. Serging your edges is optional, because you could easily just fold and press your cuffs into place. I just like the clean edges my serger gives me. Did I mention before how much I LOVE my serger? If you're cuffing your shorts cut on the cuff line, if you just want to wear them frayed, cut at the length line. Either way, they'll be Spring Music Festival READY :)

And finally! My Denim Boyfriend Shorts were complete! These took all of 20 minutes to finish, a quick, easy DIY! And I'm telling you right now, I'm going to LIVE IN THESE this Spring and Summer :)


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