How do y'all like my striped fleece dress using Your Fleece fabric? This is the actual fabric that I used. I made the dress for the Your Fleece Fashion Contest that someone else won (congrats to the winner!) but I'm still really, really pleased with how my dress came out! It's a simple, but fun fit and flare silhouette and I enjoyed the process of bringing this dress to life. I used an old raglan tee that was just hanging out in my t-shirt drawer to create the dress bodice pattern by laying the t-shirt flat on top of brown paper and tracing it with a tracing wheel. Then I just straightened my lines and added the seam allowance. The skirt is a classic swing skirt pattern and I just matched the bodice and skirt waistline widths exactly, pinned it together then sewed it all up. Raglan patterns are really easy because you kinda just sew together the entire front, then sew together the entire back then just connect the front and back of the dress at the side seams from the sleeves to the hem. And that's my quick, words only how to sew a dress tutorial, lol. The fleece feels warm and cozy on and it would be perfect to wear on a brisk, chilly day!

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