My DIY Mixed Print Dress


Here's is my completed Ankara inspired, mixed print dress that I told you guys about months ago. Whenever I sew, it usually takes me a minute lol, but hey, results are results amiright? Moving on... This dress really wanted to be difficult from start to finish, but I'm pleased, pleased, triple pleased with how it came out. I Frankenstein'd two different patterns to make this dress happen, New Look 6483 view A (for the bodice/top) and McCall's M5578 for the skirt. I was inspired by Stella Jean's beautiful mixed print pieces. She makes wearing clashing prints look so effortless. For the waistband, I just measured my waist then cut a straight 3 inch rectangle pattern to use the size of my waist circumference (2 inches - actual waistband, 1/2 inch on top and bottom for seam allowance). And for the skirt, since I'm not the biggest fan of doing gathers (like the McCall's pattern) I just changed the gathers to inverted pleats. The difficulty (for me) was making the bodice backless. Honestly speaking it took some trial and error, fitting and refitting, sewing and re-sewing test mock-ups before I got it to work and fit like I wanted it to. Plus I lined this entire dress. I used two old skirts (an old cotton GAP skirt for the in-seam pockets, the waistband and skirt lining and this skirt for the bodice lining) and the actual dress is this $1 a yard, clearance bin cotton fabric I found at Walmart a few years ago (see my silhouette sketch of this dress HERE). Aaaannnd, a little hair update, this hair is my 5th DIY crochet braid install! At the time of this posting, I'm 15 months into my 2nd big chop and 5 of those months, I've had crochet braids. That's like 1/3 of the time! They're so easy to do and my hair can grow back and be protected underneath, and I don't have to worry about doing it, which if I'm being honest is the biggest plus. Now back to the reason for this blog post, my DIY mixed print dress! Scroll down for a few more pics and shout out to the Mr. for these fab street style shots just outside Armstrong Park in New Orleans. Photography by Ron Ward.