My DIY Pencil Skirt Remix...


Hey y'all! I finally finished my skirt redo, and I'm super happy with the results! HERE is the skirt before I cut it. It was a pleated pencil skirt that I made a few years ago to wear to a wedding. And what I wanted to turn it into was a pleated mini skater skirt, which was the start of my dilemma. How would I get the "skater skirt" flare that I wanted from my pleated pencil skirt? Yes, it had pleats, which gave it a little bit of swing, but I soon learned that that wouldn't be enough.

How did I know this? because I cut the top of my skirt off, tried it on and it still fit like a fitted pencil skirt, only shorter :( So I remedied this by adding a type of gusset to the side seams at the hem. Now if you don't know what a gusset is, well neither did I before a few months ago when I was working in the Wardrobe Department at my previous job and I had to figure out how to do one real fast. It's pretty funny how fast you can learn to do something when you HAVE to, lol. Long story short, the gusset worked out beautifully and gave me a result that I'm quite pleased with! More photos of my pencil skirt remix (*taken in New Orleans City Park)* below. Photography by Ron Ward.

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