My DIY Red Dress is Perfect For Fall, Plus My Lack of Sewing Motivation This Year Explained.


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Would you believe me if I told you that this dress has been on my sewing table since March? As in March 2017, as in 8 MONTHS AGO. As in this is the 1st and ONLY dress I've sewn so far this year. WHERE DID MY MOTIVATION GO?? So far, my 2017 sewing motivation has been on fumes and I have to say, that I think it's probably a number of things. And not to be a "Debbie Downer" on a sewing post, but just to give you a bit of insight on my lack of sewing motivation this year, especially for the awesome folks who "like" and follow my Hip Couture sewing page on Facebook (thank y'all for sticking around btw) I lost my mom in early 2016, but I don't think the loss really hit me, along with everything else that comes with a loss like that until this year. Look, it happens. Grief hits people differently, some folks can soldier on and other folks might have a delayed reaction and just need a damn minute. I really thought my mother would outlast everybody. But even though I don't fully see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, I still want to be positive, uplifting and stylish in this post! Because it does get better! Time is a healer and all those other "feel good" platitudes that ring true... eventually. My sewing motivation is slowly coming back, and finally finishing this dress was a good start. And if I haven't completely wrecked your mood yet, and you still want to know what sewing pattern I used and browse a few more pics, just keep scrolling! Photography by Ron Ward.

The Simplicity pattern that I used to make my dress is below and you probably already have this one in your stash, but just in case you don't and you want to get your hands on this one, you can get it HERE. I did view C and as you can probably tell, I didn't use the waistband, I added a bit of length to the hem to make it a midi dress instead of keeping it knee length, I also didn't install a zipper, because wasn't feeling it, instead opting for an elastic waistline, because less hassle. Just a few ~~lazy~~ tiny tweaks. I just pull it on and off over my head. Simple. I also added POCKETS because you already know. I've had this fabric forever, it's a sheer polyester chiffon type fabric that I got for $1 dollar a yard from Walmart years and years ago. I lined it with some red fabric from a dress that I made previously but wasn't wearing at all (this one). My red pumps are BCBGGirl but you can shop similar red pumps HERE. The HAIR is crochet braids, my 12th DIY install, and if you follow my Instagram stories, you've already seen this latest hairstyle. I just for real needed a break from styling my own hair for a bit. I rock my hair natural and it has a bit of length, so my arms just got tired. That #BunLife and that #TopknotLife ? I'm SO ready. Anyhoo, there's a few more pics of me in this dress below, and also, I much prefer this dress with my combat boots over the heels. It's a look.

Get Simplicity 2587 HERE.

Indoors, my heels look the exact same color as this dress, outdoors, my heels are super florescent red.

And as the weather gets cooler (will it ever?!) I plan on adding yummy scarves like this or this and maybe a moto jacket like this one. Like my boots? Shop similar black ankle boots HERE.