My Review of Vogue Dress Pattern V9343... Also Happy Valentine's Day.


Let me correct myself and not blame my frustration on the whole pattern, the FRONT BODICE of this pattern is what I had an issue with (I did View A).

Because as cute as this dress is, I didn't really enjoy sewing it. Everything was going well until I got to the front bodice. This one piece felt unnecessarily complicated. Now it may have just been me, and I'll own that, but let me just say that the front bodice took the joy out of sewing this dress for me.

I almost threw in the towel. I was ready to throw the whole dress away. The pattern instructions too, but again, I'll acknowledge that it may have just been me, I could have been just having an off day because once I got frustrated with this dress bodice, I decided to park and stay there.

My frustration steadily grew. I started phoning it in. I just wanted to finish this dress by any means necessary and get it off of my table. For example, this dress calls for a zipper. There's no zipper in my dress. My fabric has some stretch in it so I just sewed the entire center back closed. I have no problem pulling this dress on over my head whenever I want to wear it. See, told you... I was DONE.

Now if you followed along in my Stories, you didn't know any of this because I hid my exasperation with sewing this dress, but now I'm laying it bare here. I wanted to love sewing this dress but I didn't. I thought I'd want to make this dress over and over.

I don't.

I'll redo the circle skirt and pocket portions of this dress, those elements I love from this pattern, but I'll most likely draft my own bodice because as cute as this one is, #issaNO for me on the bodice that came with this dress.

Also I cut the size 10 in the bodice when I probably should have cut the size 8, and I cut the size 14 in the skirt, when I probably should have cut the 10 or 12, I say this because I ended up cutting so many inches off of the center back just to make it fit. I also shortened the bodice (1 inch) and the skirt (3.5 inches) at the "lengthen or shorten here" lines because I'm borderline pocket sized at 5'4.

Now all of that being said, sewing this dress wasn't a total bust, after all, I do have a cutesy little pullover casual party dress now, and I'll most likely dress it down and wear it with a denim jacket and sandals or a wedge. This dress was also made from fabric I already had in my fabric stash at home so not having to purchase new fabric is always a plus.

And if I haven't scared you away (hopefully I haven't) and you still want to check out this Vogue pattern for yourself (because it really is a cute dress) you can get it at this link: VOGUE V9343

You're also going to need a good peel and stick bra because a regular bra with this low-cut dress is not happening... unless that's the look you're going for. Get one of those HERE.

Now I wanna know your thoughts! Have you sewn this dress? Are you interested in sewing this dress? Let me know what you think! And thanks for reading my frustrated dress sewing chronicles.

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