MY SEWING STYLE: Leather and Lace...


I have an insane amount of fabric in my sewing room, boxes and boxes of it. It's at the point that I don't need to buy another stitch of fabric until I go through the mountains of stuff I already have. This yellow lace was a part of that overflow.

I had been wanting to do a pencil skirt for the longest and finally, I was able to focus long enough to get it done. Oh you didn't know? I can be THE most unfocused sewing person, so much so, that it could potentially take me weeks (WEEKS!) to finish something as simple as a headband. Pray for me. But I did finish this skirt in kinda record time, so.. PROGRESS! Anyhoo, I didn't really know what fabric I would use for the skirt, until stumbling on some pretty sweet street style photos, one in particular (see it below) that I used for inspiration. I'm pretty satisfied with how mine turned out. See a few more photos of this look HERE, HERE and HERE. Photography by Ron Ward.

My inspiration for this look (pictured above). Found it on Pinterest...

I love the skirt! It's so much better when you make your own versions of pieces because it's truly one-of-a-kind! I wish I could sew half that well! -La Saloperie


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