Sew Casual: My Navy DIY Midi Dress


By chance, have I mentioned that I'm ready for Fall? I have? It's just that it's been SO HOT in New Orleans this Summer and I'm over it. Bring on the cooler weather! And look, I'm not anti-Summer, but when it's hot like fire outside, the Summer season can get old real quick. Anyhoo, enough about the weather, let's discuss my navy DIY midi dress!

Well, I own this ONE raglan t-shirt that's a really comfortable fit, and one day out of the blue, I had this light bulb idea that this same comfy t-shirt would make a really comfy dress. So I laid it flat over some brown pattern paper, got my tracing wheel, traced the front, back and sleeves at the seams, added a half inch seam allowance, and I had a good base pattern to start creating! This navy midi dress is the 3rd dress I've made from that same raglan t-shirt pattern (remember the 1st dress and the 2nd dress I made?) The inspiration for my midi dress came from this dress that I spotted Chelsea Handler wearing online, from there, I was on a mission to create my own and this is the result! I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, plus I feel like this dress hits that sweet spot in between a form-fitted body-con dress and a looser fitting sweatshirt dress. Style, say hello to comfort. Pleasure to make your acquaintance comfort!~Style. Style said that. Photography by Ron Ward. More pics below:


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