Sew Inspired: My DIY Raglan T-Shirt Dress


Have you ever spotted an item of clothing and thought, "that's cute" but you knew that if you went on a search spree to purchase this same cute item of clothing that you'd no doubt come up empty? Or say you do score and you find that cute dress or pair of shorts only to see that it cost something crazy like $350 plus shipping? Look y'all, that price point can make a sucker out of somebody else, because your girl is not the one. This is precisely one of the reasons why knowing how to sew is WHAT'S UP. Scenario: See something you like, get a couple yards of fabric, then put your sewing skills to work and make it yourself.

That's where I found myself with this black and white t-shirt dress. I spotted DJ Hannah Bronfman on Instagram wearing a similar dress and I knew immediately that I needed this dress in my life and closet. And I completely skipped over searching for the dress online or even trying to find out how much it cost and who made it. Instead, I mentally scanned my fabric stash, and I remembered I had 3 or 4 yards of black knit along with maybe about a yard of white t-shirt fabric, and long story short, I had everything I needed to make this dress happen! To make my pattern, I used a raglan t-shirt that I've had since President Obama won his first term, I laid it flat over some pattern paper and traced with my tracing wheel the front and back bodice and the sleeve. I added the seam allowance and lengthened the hem, cut and sew and this is my result! We decided to go to the park earlier this week and take a few pics (to show you the fit). This was my first time wearing the dress out anywhere, and as soon as I got out of the car, we were walking past 3 women who were working out, and one of them said "her dress is cute" OMGeee, y'all!!! THAT. Right. There. MY DAY = MADE. Pleased? I am indeed. Photography by Ron Ward.