Sewing Inspired Fashion: My DIY Spring Festival Camisole...


One other reason that inspires me to sew are clothing items that I want but don't have, I'm talking about pieces of clothing that are so specific in my mind that it would take some time for me to find that exact piece in stores. This is what led me to make my black spring (or summer!) festival cami, and I think I'll call her "Harley"

On the right is the cami I was inspired by that I spotted on Pinterest. On the left is my DIY V-neck version

I've wanted to do a DIY t-shirt or festival top like this one for a long time. Sewing this top has BEEN on my mind and now I finally have one completed! Now this top was completed after four separate attempts, but it's finished nonetheless and I am super pleased with it.

When almost your entire outfit is DIY! My DIY satin lined beanie, my DIY festival cami and my DIY Kimono Duster #festivalfashion

We can blame music festivals like Coachella and other festivals like it for making festival clothing into it's own fashion genre (Lollapalooza, The Roots Picnic, Glastonbury, AfroPunk, and countless other Jazz Festivals around the country and across the Caribbean) Clothing stores like Forever 21 and H&M have even put out dedicated lines just focusing on festival outfits.

Nobody: ... Me: Yes, I have brought along wine glasses to music festivals. Plastic ones like the one I'm holding here. They are my "outdoor festival" glasses.

But back to my DIY Festival Top, it was a self draft and yes it took me four tries to get it right. The underarms on my side seams were not lining up and when I would sew the front to the back on my first three attempts. Y'all, it felt like I couldn’t figure this out! It wasn't until my 4th try (after wearing Google and YouTube OUT and after countless pattern trims and taped up pattern adjustments)

That tiny "problem spot" adjustment in the pic above on the back pattern piece was the reason for my 4th try success. Not having that tiny shape on the back underarm side seam was throwing off the whole flow of my underarm seam. But finally, my problem was solved. Crisis averted, but I did have to go through a few of my husband's old t-shirts before getting it right, which brings me to a good sewing tip.

Old t-shirts.
Don't be so quick to get rid of them, especially if you're about to sew something in a similar knit fabrication, because you can sew a test of whatever you're sewing on your old t-shirts first before you even cut into your good fabric. Use old t-shirts (old sheets, old clothes, etc., you get the picture) the same way you would sew a muslin first when sewing with woven fabrics.

Finally, I just want to recognize how far my personal sewing has come. For years I'd make these "concept" pieces that I would never wear out of my house. I had dresses, blouses, pants, you name it that I'd made over the years and never wore. It wasn't until I realized this that I started to change how and what I chose to make. I wanted to wear what I made! I didn't want to just sew something like it was a project to finish and then hang it on a mannequin for viewing only or just post it for social media views, likes and clicks only to be worn once for photos. This shift in sewing happened around 2015 for me. I started making more pieces that I wore out over and over. Things that I wanted to wear out over and over. This shift has made sewing much more meaningful for me. Progress. GROWTH. Don't mind me, I'm just patting myself on the back a little...

Now I want to know what you think about my DIY festival cami. Do you like it? Love it? Don't really care for it? Not your style? And makers! Is this a top you think you would make? This pattern is pretty battle tested if I ever were to release it. Let me know in the comments! And thanks for reading!

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