Some of my 2019 Spring Sewing Inspiration...


Listen, as innovative as we like to think we are, there’s really not much new under the son y’all. Trying to reinvent a wheel can be frustrating especially when you can take what’s already been done, let it inspire your work and sprinkle your own creative juices on it. Think about the bread aisle at the grocery. There are 15 (or more!) different breads on the bread aisle. Same idea, 15 or more people or companies putting out the same thing. And grocery customers buy some of all of it, so everyone wins!

Some of my sewing inspired looks will be store bought #patternhacks, and some will be drafted by me but I definitely want to try my hand at each of these looks this spring and maybe even launch a downloadable pattern available to creative makers!

So just to double back on my point of not always trying to recreate the wheel, don’t let the fact that someone else has already done something stop you from doing it too if that’s what you want, there’s room for everybody to shine, always remember that.

Which spring sewing inspired look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!