Tangerine or Pumpkin? My 2016 DIY Bodycon Birthday Dress


I guess it can be pumpkin since it IS October. But JUST pumpkin, not pumpkin spice. There's already enough of that everywhere. It's also my birthday today! Yay! October 12. All day today. Anyhoo back to this dress, this is my 3rd diy fitted bodycon ensemble (see my 1st HERE and my 2nd HERE) so I guess I'm feeling myself a little. But if I'm being honest, I really think fitted, bodycon, bandage dresses look better on curvier women. Like Nene Leakes for example, formerly of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame who is curvier. She slays the work out of a bandage dress IMO. But hey, no body shaming here! If you're pocket sized and like to rock fitted dresses, DO YOU! Body positivity always. Because you know what? Y'all are gone get these few curves I got whenever I feel like serving 'em, so just get into it.

I got the idea for this dress from one of those RoseWe/StyleWe type fashion sites. I can get sewing inspiration from just about anywhere. So I saw this dress (a designer knockoff probably knowing the nature of these sites) and just thought it was an attractive silhouette and something that I could draft a pattern to. Which is exactly what I did. It's getting real in these pattern drafting streets y'all! But let me tell you a timely story of me in design school taking pattern classes. In 3 words, I HATED IT. I did not love my pattern teacher who was unreasonably unforgiving to new students if you asked me. I mean we literally couldn't be off 1/16th of an inch on patterns that we turned in. Going to his class gave me anxiety and I just did not love it. Like AT ALL. Fast forward years later and I have to be honest, but I can appreciate NOW what a rigid, inflexible nightmare this teacher was. At the very least, it makes me really take my time and try really hard to get a pattern right. This pumpkin hued dress took a couple tries, but I'm pretty pleased with the final outcome. Check out a few more pics below and scroll to the bottom to browse and shop similar looks! Photography by Ron Ward. Also, just FYI, but I bought yards and yards of this color fabric, so yeah. More orange outfits are coming. The hair is crochet braids, my 12th DIY install (12th!!) if you're still keeping up with that and the cute little purple purse, the Mr. caught it for me at Mardi Gras (Krewe of Nyx).

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