Turn A Loose Fit Tee Into A Fitted Tee: A Sort of Tutorial


Do you remember the first time I did a "sort of" tutorial where I turned a loose tee into a fitted tee? No? Well, here you go. And now I've done it again! It's my first sewing project of 2017. Follow along below won't you, as I take you through my t-shirt altering process.

1. Pick a T-Shirt That You Own Where You LOVE The Fit

For me, that t-shirt is my heather brown "Hershey" tee. I love the fit of this t-shirt which is why I keep using it. First turn both t-shirts inside out. Next, lay the t-shirt you want to alter flat (my R Train tee) then take the t-shirt you want to use to fit it on top (my Hershey tee).

2. Outline The Fitted T-Shirt Onto The Loose T-shirt and Add Seam Allowance

With your fitted tee on top of your loose tee, mark with sewing chalk (or pencil or marker) the shoulder point, the armholes and the side seams. Add your seam allowance (1/4 inch or 1/2 inch).

3. Cut It, Cut It

This tee is way too big you need to CUT IT... lol lol. Don't act like you didn't see that coming. Anyhoo, cut your loose fitted t-shirt along your chalk outline, so you'll be cutting out your armholes and down along your side seams, leaving the sleeves intact.

4. Lay Your Fitted Tee Sleeve On Top of Your Loose Tee Lining Them Up Along The Hem

Once you have your fitted tee sleeve on top of your loose fit tee sleeve, mark with sewing chalk (or pencil or marker) along the armhole then add your seam allowance (1/4 inch or 1/2 inch) then cut.

5. Now That All Your Pieces Are Cut Out, You're Ready To Sew

First sew your side seams from armhole to hem on both sides. Then pin your sleeves to your new fitted tee, right side to right side, and sew. Turn your tee right side out and try on. Your sleeves may still be a little oversized, if they are, pin or mark the sleeve to your desired fit, take the t-shirt off, flip it inside out again and sew along the underarm side of the sleeve where you marked tapering it off along the side seam. I tapered mine off about halfway down the side. Then boom, you're done! Enjoy your new fitted t-shirt!

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