Fashion Styles the Serious Business Professional Woman Should Never Wear

What to wear if your a women of business......

When a professional business woman wants to be taken serious by her female and male counterparts, she must remember to dress professional in serious attire. If she doesn't she will not be taken serious no matter what she says or brings to the table. It;s all about impression and in some cases, if you appear to be comical and non serious, your colleagues will tune you out from the get go and no matter what you say from that point forward, they will no take you serious and your value will be diminished.

From the beginning, make a serious, professional strong statement in the office with the attire you wear. Bring a serious image to the table and make sure your colleagues take you serious. From the beginning make them respect you and even fear you. In the end, no matter what they say behind your back, they will respect and be under control when in your presence.

To make a strong, assertive, professional statement, there are fashion no no;s every professional woman should make sure she never wears to the office. The business woman never knows when she will make with potential clients, be called into a meeting, have to attend meeting outside of the company or meet potential clients. Therefore, you must always be prepared to meet these clients presenting your best image putting your best foot forward. Even on casual day, the professional business woman must make sure she never lets her guard down.

The open weave sandals in the link above are gorgeous sandals and they are fine to be worn to work, but they are not fine for the executive woman who is trying to make a statement or be considered serious. When working in a male dominated world, and the business world is still male dominated, its a good idea to wear shoes that make a statement. The pump design here is great for the office. It fits the taste for the woman that wants to be stylish yet also wants that feminine feel when wearing shoes but also desires to maintain the serious professional aura when at work. You can find these sandals at your local mall or any boho boutique clothing store. Then this pump also works well when going from the office to the dance floor. It's symbolic of the new age woman who desires to be professional yet demonstrate her feminine ambiance.

See Thru or sheer Blouses

While the model in the link above looks absolutely gorgeous and could be the bell of the ball, she would definitely not be taken seriously at a business meeting. Most of her male counterparts would be ogling her ample qualities rather than her brainpower and what she has to offer to the business. What would be more appropriate for the female executive when selecting a blouse or top would be a blouse or top in the category shown here made more like this sweater which shields the feminine portion of here body leaving the male colleagues guessing if they so desire. Female executives who want to be taken seriously must always be especially careful and aware of the attire worn.

The battle to maintain our position and climb in the corporate world is still a struggle. We must continue the fight to keep our male counterparts aware of our intelligence and not our anatomy. Focus more on your brain and they will continue to give us the credit we deserve for intelligence and what we can bring to the boardroom and not the bedroom.