Men in Short Shorts? Why Not.


I did a post on men wearing short shorts back in 2007 (10 years ago!) And while I tried not to judge and keep an open mind, I was still of the thinking that it came off as a bit... weird. Well you really do grow as a person over time because now? WERK. D.Wade looks GREAT in short shorts on vacation with his wife (Gabrielle Union, pictured above). There's freedom in dressing the way you want without giving a second thought to what anybody thinks. Read some of the best comments on the subject below from my post from a decade ago that's still very relevant today.

This is ridiculous that men cannot be free to wear what they want when women can basically wear anything in the world.... If the man has nice shaved legs, like biker legs or runner legs, why not. It is time for men to request their fashion freedom! Women have such a double standard.... Funny the comments of my wife's friends to my wife who saw me in short shorts.... "Your husband has such nice legs!!!!!" -Jean

*Snort* I think this is an american thing - i feel sorry for american men. They have to wear baggy clothes and can't show off their body. Sad. -Simon

i see no problem with shorts that are above the knee. actually, living in a country like australia (or any other warmer clime), i am incredibly grateful that fashion in shorts is now above the knee - i.e. much cooler! and i don’t understand why it is appropriate for women to wear shorts that reveal almost everything, but inapproproate for men to wear shorter shorts. -JaredH

guys in short shorts is perfectly fine. although i disagree with the comment that their legs have to be shaved and tan. aren't guys supposed to have hairy legs???
it seems like many of the girls on here either want their man to be the typical american ideal (read boring) or want to emasculate them (read gay).
can't a straight guy just wear whatever he wants? -Matthew

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I feel the same way, @soxfan2017.



I agree. I don't see a single problem with it.


Having been a runner for a good portion of my life, I have definitely grown to appreciate guys who can pull off short shorts.