My European Travel Looks...


We had a great time on our first ever trip to Europe! And I must say, I had fun getting dressed for each city. I tried to look like the city we were visiting or dress for what we would be doing. So here's the rundown left to right. Let me know what you think:

Zigzag knit H&M Dress worn in Naples and Capri, Italy: I purchased this dress four years ago at the H&M on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. We were there to see the Roberto Cavalli for H&M collection the day after it launched only to see SOLD OUT signs when we got there. I purchased this dress from the clearance rack for just $12 bucks. The dress was a cute knit sheath dress when I bought it, but I recently put in an elastic waist for it to fit me a little better (recent weight loss). Sightseeing in Naples and the island of Capri Italy, I felt comfortable all day walking around in this H&M dress and Go Jane boots..

Green Soccer Jacket and Yoga Pants worn in Majorca, Spain: We were riding bikes through Spain this day so I wanted to make sure I was comfortable and appropriately dressed. Majorca, Spain was a beautiful city and the weather was really pretty that day. I can't remember exactly where I purchased the soccer jacket I wore, fitted black yoga pants you can get just about anywhere, the only items I remember where I got them are the green and yellow tank tops. They're from Old Navy.

Tan and Red Ensemble worn in Marseille, France: I hadn't even planned on packing my tan Gap Hat or my tan long sleeved tee (the red Old Navy "Rockstar" jeans (their name, not mine) were always coming along), but I'm glad I did! This has to be my favorite outfit from the trip and it kinda got put together by accident. I'd always planned on wearing the red jeans on this day, I just didn't know what I was wearing with them. I guess you can say the weather that day dictated that look and it just kinda fell into place nicely. The scarf that matched my tee, hat and shoes almost perfectly was $4 bucks from Forever 21. Marseille, France felt authentically French.

Brown H&M Poncho and denim-look leggings worn in Monte Carlo, Monaco: Monaco was really posh and high-end. With it's jewelry stores (Cartier, Bvlgari, Fred) and luxury goods shops (CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin) more Porches and Bentleys than you could count on the streets so I tried to look the part that day. I think I got it right, no? My black scarf was a gift from my cousin Ronda, she bought it in Egypt! Anyhoo, Monaco was really pretty, really historical (we got to see where Grace Kelly (Princess Grace) was buried) and really, really expensive.

Leather look Forever 21 Jacket and Levi's worn in Rome, Italy: This was the last day of our trip and we were TIRED. I think it kinda shows in my demeanor, lol. It took real effort not to throw on the sweats I packed to go out and look at centuries old ruins, but we ended up having a nice day that day that ended in Nutella Gelato. And OMG, yum.

See pics from our trip HERE.