New Specs, Who’s This?

This is my 5th pair of new prescription glasses in 2 years. I love them.

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Ive been on a bit of a Rx eyewear buying spree for the last couple years, just in case you hadnt noticed. So much so that my contact lenses have been unopened and gathering dust on my dresser. But thats what happens when theres so many cute frames to choose from! You could literally buy frames to match any occasion.

Click HERE to watch my new glasses video. The Mr. calls these my Industry frames

My latest pair came from Firmoo and Ive purchased glasses from them before (see here) I chose this latest pair because they reminded me of former Teen Vogue Editor Elaine Welteroths stylish cool girl glasses. As a glasses wearer, Im always inspired by celebrities who wear glasses. Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Ava DuVernay, Elaine Welteroth, I love all of their eyewear style choices.

My specific Firmoo pair is the unisex frame #FBSM1785 in gold. See below for links to browse and shop for your next new pair!

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