Outfit Inspo: Southern Seersucker Summer...


Seersucker is a classic Southern tradition. It's Southern Culture. And even though I was born and raised and still reside in the South, I don't really consider myself as all that "Southern" I just don't, never have. I even took one of those online quizzes recently that pretty much confirmed that (the quiz said I was 57% Southern) so see? There you go. I just thought the pants were cute and perfect for summer. Anyhoo, I found these pants one day out thrifting with one of my nephews, not even looking for anything of the sort, but at FOUR BUCKS that just happened to be in MY SIZE, you know what? Why not. So I get them home, try them on and they fit like a glove, there was only one problem. Seersucker fabric can be pretty thin and the white pockets were shining through these pants like a spotlight, so I had to remove them, which was kinda sad for me because I luvs the pockets :( But after I (reluctantly) did that, it was all good in the seersucker pants neighborhood! lol, more pics below...

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