Outfit: Shades of Gray


Wanna know what the pic above tells me? That I could at LEAST put on a little lipstick, geez. But more about that in a bit. Ron and I had a great day today in New Orleans! Weekends in this city are awesome. Weekend brunch in New Orleans is like nothing I've seen in other cities, it's pretty revered here. Well we started out the day having a late breakfast (brunch) but before that, we went through our ritual of deciding on where to go. After going down our list we finally decided on revisiting The Marigny neighborhood for our 2nd visit to The Cake Cafe and Bakery. It's such a down home, sweet spot, the people couldn't be more hospitable there. Their breakfast and desserts aren't bad either. Now back to me, my outfit and my makeup-less self. I rarely wear makeup, but lipstick is so easy, that I shouldn't have an excuse. A bold lip has the tendency to make your whole face look made up so I could at least do that, right? Point taken. Anyhoo gray is what I decided to wear today. More pics and outfit deets below!

Gray and White Tank tops - Old Navy | Skinny Jeans - F21 | White Sneaks - 9 West