Shop These Perfect and Colorful Trapeze Mini Dresses for Fall...

The trapeze dress works on just about every body type and most importantly, it's good at hiding things you want hidden..

Happy October! Now let's get into this cute dress. I have a not so mild love affair with tent dresses. Or "trapeze" dresses as this style is called. I love, love, lovity, love this silhouette. And the mini dress versions of this dress style are just as feminine and flirty as a bodycon dress but more comfy and much less constricting. So enjoy that dessert after dinner without looking like you're pregnant with a 'food baby' afterwards. So I can look cute AND have dessert too? That's a win babes. Also a bodycon dress could never.

This red trapeze mini dress is another dress I stalked online before buying (see another dress I stalked then bought here) Now have I effectively sold you on this fabulous dress style? If so, you can shop my dress and a few more similar styles below!

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