Shop This Breezy White Maxi Dress to Achieve a Perfect Summer Look...


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Summertime is known for their endless white parties and whatever your style, there's a white outfit that is sure to fit your taste. And you can shop this dress I'm wearing HERE.

I recently attended White Linen Night in New Orleans and this is what I wore. Needless to say, I was comfortable ALL NIGHT LONG. I cannot tell you how much I value comfort over JUST style whenever I go out now. It's not even a contest. I saw so many cute white outfits at this event while we were out, but some people still fool themselves into thinking that a pair of stiletto heels are going to be kind to them throughout the night. We stood in line to get some (yummy!) Jamaican Jerk Tacos behind a couple and the girl had on the cutest little fit & flare white dress, but she was BAREFOOT on the street (I. COULD. NOT. EVER.) and her boyfriend/significant other was being chivalrous holding her 4 inch heels for her. LISTENNNN. Wearing dresses with sneakers has BEEN a thing. A stylish thing, a COMFY THING. Do a Pinterest search of "dresses with sneakers" or even "fancy dresses with sneakers" and you'll see what I mean if you're unaware. Also you can shop my dress HERE!

I enjoyed wearing this dress, my only issue with it is that it doesn't have pockets, but if I want this dress to have pockets down the line, look, you already know. Shop this dress HERE if you love it too. It was less than $25 bucks!


Me and the Mr. at White Linen Night 2019, New Orleans