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I recently had the bright idea to try to start and finish sewing a dress for my cousins wedding in New Orleans, JUST DAYS BEFORE THEIR WEDDING. Red flags everywhere on that idea. Needless to say, I didn't finish said dress (its actually still on my table about 75% done) so I had to find something else to wear to the wedding, THE SAME DAY OF THE WEDDING.

I remembered that I'd seen this tropical green leaf maxi dress scrolling online days before, so I dashed out to the shopping center the morning of the wedding to see if they had it in store.

SHOP My Tropical Leaf Maxi Dress from Forever 21

So I get to the store and I spot the girl hanging the maxi dresses and ask her if she can tell me where this dress was (I had it pulled up on my phone) she says she hadn't seen it and didn't appear to even recognize it! Bummer, but I wasn't giving up that fast. I needed something to wear to this wedding and I had already convinced myself that I didn't have anything in my closet. So I made a beeline over to the cash registers to ask if they could look up the product number on the dress to see if any of their other locations might have the dress. The cashier put the product number in and BEHOLD! She told me that they had the dress THERE, they just hadn't been put out yet!

SHOP My Tropical Leaf Maxi Dress from Forever 21

She brought me a small and a medium at my request to try on and they both fit, the small was just a little shorter in length with the medium being a little longer, so I went with the medium, even though I ended up quickly hemming it at home about an inch and a half. But to let you know a bit more about the fit, the dress runs a bit large (just a bit!) but is super comfortable. It drapes and flows nicely and THERE ARE NO POCKETS, but if you sew, this is an easy fix if you really want them. This dress worked beautifully at my cousins wedding, but it would also be perfection on vacation.

SHOP My Tropical Leaf Maxi Dress from Forever 21


And congrats again to the happy couple! My cousin Jordan and his new wife Narcisse! #BlackLove