Spring Style: Shop My Skirt!

Y'all. I'm obsessed with this midi skirt. Have I said that already, because I'm in love with it. I knew had to have it as soon as I saw it. This midi skirt makes me want to have all of the midi skirts. It's the sophisticated, grown up version of skirts.

Shop my midi skirt HERE.


Now if you're interested in this skirt, let me give you some information that you'll need to make an informed purchase. This skirt runs small. I went up a size to a medium and it was still a tad tight in the waist (the skirt zips up on the side, there's no elastic).

Shop my midi skirt HERE.


Also the skirt is sheer, as in see through, as in you may want to wear something underneath if you don't want your bits on display. If that doesn't bother you or sheer fabric is the look you're going for, then there's nothing else to see here.

Shop my midi skirt HERE.

The skirt drapes and flows really nicely. It's super lightweight and pretty. The blue/brown/yellow one I chose has a throwback 70's vibe, and there's another multi-colored one available as well that has mostly primary colors.

Shop my midi skirt HERE.


Lastly, at the time of this posting, this midi skirt was less than $20 bucks! So it wouldn't even put a dent in your wallet if you want to purchase it! My yellow v-neck camisole is DIY, BUT! If you want the entire look that I'm wearing without having to DIY your own top, you can get that too. Browse and shop everything at the link below!

SHOP THIS SKIRT AND SIMILAR TOP: https://www.shopstyle.com/shop/hipcandy/43242603