How I "Chef'd Up" My Trader Joe's Frozen Pizza


(above: TJ Margherita Pizza photo source )

And first, let me just say to the pizza purists, I have the utmost respect for a classic Margherita Pizza, ok? Sometimes you just need a little bit more on it, you know? So keep reading if you want to know how I added to mine!

Frozen pizza is a super easy meal especially when you don't feel like cooking. And this was my first time trying Trader Joe's Margherita Pizza after seeing it on one of the many Trader Joe's shopping lists that you can find online. It was only $4 bucks and some change. Well, what I did is this, I had a little bit of Jimmy Dean regular sausage left over, and it wasn't enough to do anything else with but maybe add it to this pizza. So I added a bit of dry oregano and basil to "Italian" up my sausage a bit, then pan fried it, crumbled it and added to my frozen pizza. I also sliced a few grape tomatoes and carefully placed those, then added some arugula and a little bit of shredded parmigiano reggiano cheese on top (not pictured, and you have to attempt "parmigiano reggiano" with an Italian accent) then I popped it in the oven for 7 minutes. Quick and easy!

And this was my result! And I have to say, it was pretty yum. The only thing I would do different is add more arugula and maybe a few slices of red onion. But what about you? Do you "chef up" your frozen meals? I'd love to know!