My Favorite Restaurant in New Orleans is Hands Down, Lola's...


And it's not because they're BYOB, which they are, ($7 cork fee for a regular bottle, $10 for a large bottle) but it's because the food there is so consistently delicious. There's not a restaurant in this city that I've eaten at more than Lola's. Lola's is authentic Spanish food with a South Louisiana Creole twist and my absolute favorite dish there has to be the Seafood Paella. We actually travelled to Spain back in 2011 on a birthday trip (Valencia) and that was the first time we had paella. It reminds me of Louisiana Jambalaya which makes sense because Louisiana has both Spanish and French roots. The history of Lola's New Orleans is below:

On June 19th, 1994, Angel Miranda opened his restaurant, Lola's, in a beautiful Mid City location. Since then, Lola's has been proudly serving the people of New Orleans a taste of true Spanish cuisine. People often confuse Spanish food with Latin American food, but beyond a shared language the two regions do not have much in common in their cuisine. With so much of Spain surrounded by water, the majority of the country is considered to have a Mediterranean diet. Fish and seafood are dietary staples, but wild game and pork is popular as well. The principal spices used in Spanish food are garlic, saffron and paprika, so while the food is flavorful, it is not spicy. You will be able to taste the influence that Spanish food has had on Creole cuisine. We encourage you to sample many different items on the menu and hope that you will enjoy them and return.

Do you wanna have a peek at their beautiful food? Check out their Instagram (@lolasneworleans).

I heart you Lola's Restaurant.