NOLA Yum: Blaze Pizza...

LeBron James Is Blaze Pizza's Newest Team Member
LeBron James Is Blaze Pizza's Newest Team Member

In between games in Los Angeles, LeBron James put in work on his off day. And by work we mean becoming Ron, the newest team member at Blaze Pizza. #MeetRon P...


We ate at the Blaze Pizza in New Orleans the day it officially opened. They were giving away free pizza to promote the opening and we were in there like swimwear, because FREE FOOD yo. We had no idea what kind of pizza place it was, but we were pleasantly surprised at the setup. It's basically build your own pizza (think Subway, but with pizza) and it's ready in minutes. Plus it has to be good because LeBron James was an early believer slash investor, and he ended up walking away from $15 million in guaranteed money from McDonald's to sign an endorsement deal with newcomer Blaze.

And Blaze is growing fast! Check out their website to see if there's a Blaze Pizza near you.