NOLA YUM: Our First Time at Claret Wine & Cocktail Bar...


I first learned about Claret Wine & Cocktail Bar from and being the wine lover that I am, I was all too eager to go and check it out, you know, for research. So when the Mr. called and asked last Saturday afternoon as he was wrapping up work, "what are we doing later?" I was armed and ready with an answer. He told me, say no more, because he'd shaved and done his beard earlier so he thought he was cute enough to go check out a new spot and sit and mingle with other people.

We made it there for Happy Hour (4-6pm Monday through Saturday) and immediately noticed how cute the outdoor space was. It was SO CUTE! The bar area is indoors so you can sit inside if that's your preference but I don't know why it would be when their outdoor area is so delightful. The waiters there are all uniformed and polite, the menu is small plates and charcuterie (we had the pimento cheese and smoked tuna, above) they also serve wines by the glass but you could also opt for bottle service, and each table had a cute little succulent along with a couple candles on them for when the sun goes down. So thoughtful. When we went, they had only recently opened just the day before and you'd never be able to tell. We vowed to come back and make it into a regular spot on our list.

I had a glass of white, the Mr. had a glass of red, and this was my view from where we sat.

I was so enamoured with the little succulents on the table, the Mr. bought me 3 on the way home.

Claret Wine & Cocktail Bar
1320 Magazine Street
NOLA 70130