NOLA Yum: Satsuma Cafe


I am forever on a quest for the perfect pancake and Satsuma on Dauphine Street came through the morning that we had breakfast there (pictured). It's a cozy neighborhood restaurant that also serves fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

From Satsuma on their commitment to fresh, community sourced food:

Satsuma Cafe opened its doors in 2009 with hopes of providing freshly made juices, breakfast and lunch using quality, local and organic ingredients. Owners Peter and Cassi Dymond were committed to bringing healthier food to the community by creating almost everything in the kitchen from scratch. Satsuma Cafe continues to strive to be mindful of where the food that we serve is grown, produced and handled. We believe that our customers should not have to guess whether or not there is high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives or additives in the food we serve as we are committed to our menu not only being simple and fresh, but also unaltered. Ultimately, it is our philosophy to make great food with fresh ingredients in a community-based environment.

Satsuma has 2 locations.