NOLA Yum: Sushi Rolls from Chiba


(Our sushi rolls pictured above, the California Roll, and so what if it's basic, we like it! lol, the Salmon Sashimi, the Boston Roll, and the Eskimo Popper which is a take on the Philadelphia Roll deep fried)

This date night started out at a different spot on the other side of town, but right now it shall remain nameless because of a 2 hour wait there. Yikes. So until we can experience this spot for ourselves and give you a full rundown, we're gonna keep it cute.

Our next choice was Chiba and I’d been trying to get there for a while after seeing a few of my New Orleans Facebook friends mention it, so we were like, why not, it’s Saturday afternoon, we’re easygoing right now, let’s do it.

When we first got to Chiba, there was no one in there. Far cry from the 2 hour wait of the place we were trying to go. And Ron and I have this thing with restaurants, as I'm sure many of you do too, if no one is in the parking lot or seated inside... that can be a bad sign. And usually, we'd run for the exits, but we decided to stick it out and give it a shot, plus we were there kind of early, maybe this restaurant has a later crowd.

Long story short, because I can feel myself getting long winded to tell you about the few sushi rolls we had, but everything was so tasty! It was also our first time trying Sake! The service was great and a little eclectic, the crowd definitely started to come in by the time we were finishing up (we were definitely early) and we decided that we would surely be back.

8312 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA

Once we left Chiba, we took our talents over to Vue NOLA. It was our first time there too, so if you're looking for a nice laid back rooftop vibe in New Orleans, with nice city views kind of away from the crowded part of downtown, this is a nice spot to hit up.