NOLA Yum: The Brown Bag Meal at District Donuts


What is the Brown Bag Meal at District Donuts? It's 2 sliders (cheeseburger or fried chicken, you can get 2 of the same or one of each) with waffle fries and a soda and it's pretty yum. We ate there earlier and this is what we had. I tried the blueberry soda (pictured) and it was quite good. So District Donuts is NOT just breakfast and donuts, you can get a pretty tasty lunch there too!

District Donuts Menu

And they're constantly expanding! The first District Donuts we tried was the Magazine Street location uptown, but I was so geeked when I first saw one going up closer to us on Harrison in Lakeview, yay! Now that's the one we frequent the most, but you can see all of the District Donuts locations HERE.

Have you tried District Donuts yet? What's your favorite thing to get there? What's your favorite drink? I listed a few of my favorites below, and that Brûléed Cinnamon Roll I peeped in there earlier is definitely ON MY RADAR:

My District Donut Faves (so far)
Cheeseburger Slider
Fried Chicken Slider
Pork Belly Breakfast Taco
Applewood Smoked Bacon, Egg and Cheese Kolaches
Matcha Latte (sweetened with honey)
Chai Tea
Vietnamese Iced Coffee

District Donuts. Sliders. Brew.