Sushi in NOLA: Our First Time at Tsunami New Orleans...


That was our waiter at a recent date night out at Tsunami in New Orleans. He was so helpful and attentive! He also didn't flinch when I asked to take a photo of the back of his shirt, which Tsunami also offers for sale, just FYI.

Confession, we had just had sushi takeout from another restaurant a couple nights before we ventured out to Tsunami and it was... NOT GOOD. Yikes. So even though we'd had yummy dining experiences from Tsunami's beautiful restaurant in downtown Baton Rouge, we were a little skittish after that recent, less than stellar sushi takeout experience from the other spot. But yay! Tsunami came all the way through and restored our faith in fresh, yummy sushi, sushi rolls, and Nigiri! We also had their spicy edamame and fried rice which was nicely seasoned and savory, apologies for my lack of pics. But I did get a photo of our Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream which was pretty dreamy and delicious (below).

Our thoughts overall on Tsunami New Orleans, it's a beautiful restaurant on the corner of St. Charles and Poydras with fabulous picture windows, a perfect date night spot with good energy, and surprisingly tasty house wines (both red and white, because house wines can be hit or miss). This will definitely be one of our spots.

Tsunami New Orleans

601 Poydras, Suite B