A Photo History of My DIY Braids...



I think this was my first attempt at doing my own braids, this was December 2013 and this was me trying to do Marley twists after watching lots of tutorials on Youtube on how to do them. My goal was to keep them in for a couple weeks or a month at the most and I kept them in for exactly ONE WEEK. Wasn't feeling these AT ALL. I mean, they weren't bad for a first attempt but I just didn't really like them on me at the time. If you're interested in trying Marley twists yourself, HERE'S a tutorial.


I did my very first DIY crochet braid install after my 2nd big chop back in 2014. I remember watching crochet braid tutorials back then and saying to myself, "no ma'am, no ma'am. That's doing way too much..." but then after doing my first install, I was hooked on doing this hairstyle because it wasn't as hard as my mind was trying to making it out to be. A few more of my DIY crochet braid styles are below and a tutorial HERE:


I did these long mini twists June 2019 and I remember being so proud of myself when I did these. I do my braids and twists in much the same way that I do my crochet braids. If you want to see a tutorial of how I do my knotless braids, here you go. Her tutorial is how I've done all of my braid styles except the Marley twists. These long mini twists took forever for me to do and I do remember them unraveling easier than what braids do, but that being said, I was pretty pleased with how they came out. See a few more pics of me in this braid style below:

RIP Gene's Poboy. (The pink mini shirt dress was also made by me)

August 2019

This was a try and a FAIL. I did these August 2019 and I know now that I didn't use nearly enough hair to get my braids jumbo like hers, but I made it work for a few weeks and even felt confident enough to wear them out to a casual client dinner that summer (below). I definitely want to attempt this style again (the one on the LEFT, ok? Not whatever that was I did) I want to try to get it right.

December 2019

Vacation braids! I did these braids just before our Anniversary cruise back in December 2019. Vacation braids are the best aren't they?! Because when you get them done before you leave, there's no more worrying about your hair, so you can just go on vacation and relax, unwind and decompress. See a couple more pics of me in this braid style below:

These are my same vacation braids back at home in a corner store editorial shoot.


I did these braids April 2020 right in the midst of the pandemic. And we took these pics in the French Quarter right around the time the quarantines were put in place and you would have had to see with your own eyes how empty the French Quarter was back then if you didn't live here or visit during that time. But about the braids, these braids were the ones that made me start feeling like I kinda knew what I was doing, even after doing so many braid installs before. These braids were the first ones that felt kind of easy for me. A few more pics of me with this braid style below:

The twists (see the link) were from earlier this year June 2020. I twisted these really fast and they didn't last at all! These twists were a slight setback in my DIY hair style collection, I think I kept these in for a couple weeks tops. Lesson for me? Take my time.

I did these blonde braids (above) July 2020 and at the time that this blog was posted, I still had them in, making these the longest that I kept braids in in my recent memory. It's been almost 2 months. It was also the first time I tried blonde hair. It was summer and I wanted to see how blonde would look on me and I honestly didn't mind it. And listen, if you ever want to see how you look with another hair color without doing anything drastic and permanent, do it with braids, extensions or wigs! It's temporary and lets you see whether or not you like the color with zero commitment.

​And finally, in this pic (above) is a great way to extend the life of old worn out braids. HAIR SCARVES! Hair scarves are a wonder when you're trying to cover or enhance a hair style. Underneath the scarf in my pic above, I'm rocking the puffiest roots imaginable at nearly 2 months in. But the ends of my braids are still ready for prime time honey, so scarves can easily bridge that gap until you're ready to take 'em down. Just remember to always keep your braids moisturized with water, water based moisturizers and leave-ins and then oil your scalp as needed. Listen, thank y'all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you like, comment and share any thoughts you might have with me on your own DIY hairstyles and I hope to see you around next time!