NYX Butter Gloss! Love. Read on for the Best Lip Gloss Shades for Brown Girls...


The pic above is my NYX Butter Gloss in Praline. I had to travel to 2 separate CVS stores before finding it, and that one was the very last Praline on the shelf, score! There were 2 Cinnamon Roll shades (click HERE to see how Cinnamon Roll looks on) and I didn't see the Ginger Snap (see the pic below) so they may have been out of that one. I love the Praline Butter Gloss, if you're closer to my skin shade, Praline is pretty on. You can shop for NYX Butter Gloss HERE.

I first spotted this pic (above) over on Pinterest and I was intrigued. I'm just glad I went out to try and find it because this NYX Butter Gloss (in Praline) is one nude gloss that I would wear a whole lot.

Brown girls! Have you tried this gloss? And at a price point of $5 bucks or sometimes cheaper, would you try it? Let me know! #beauty