Lesser-Known French-Speaking Countries to Visit


For anyone considering themselves francophiles or at least as aspiring French learners there are the French-speaking countries that everyone knows about. These include France, Belgium, Switzerland and a few others. Although these countries are all amazing and highly recommended to all travelers there are countless other countries where French is either an official language or the primary language spoken. Here are some of the French-speaking countries that you maybe don’t know all that much about.


Monaco is a tiny little country in Europe that has a population between 38,000 and 40,000 people making it one of the smallest and least populated countries in the entire world. In Monaco, you will find beautiful beaches, casinos, palaces and other beautiful places all jam packed within the few square kilometers that make up this country. If you are tired of visiting France or any of the surrounding countries then making a stop over to Monaco may be something you should try.


Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, Seychelles is a small archipelago country and is among the richest countries of the continent. You won’t find any fancy buildings or casinos here however. What you will find however are amazing white-sand beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and incredible wildlife. If your French skills aren’t up to where you would like them to be, don’t worry. English is also an official language of Seychelles. However it doesn’t hurt to learn at least a few phrases in French such as how to say thank you or please.


Most people are familiar with the country of Haiti, but most don’t know that French is an official language there. Unlike Seychelles, Haiti isn’t considered a rich country by any means, but it’s just as beautiful with its sandy beaches and world-class resorts. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try somewhere new then Haiti should be on your list.


The last of the island nations on this list, Vanuatu is one for both the adventurous and the typical resort lovers. You’ll find breathtaking blue water, beaches, a chocolate factory, a coffee factory and of course other things that often exist on island nations.


Technically the official languages of Morocco are Berber, but because both Morocco and France have an intermingled history French is widely seen as a second language. That is to say that if you speak French Morocco should be an easily accessible destination for you. The architecture of Morocco makes it a place unlike any other French-speaking country out there. There are quite a few countries in Africa where French is spoken, but Morocco should absolutely be at the top of your list of French-speaking countries in Africa.

There are a total of 29 countries in the world where French is an official language, only a few of which are regularly noticed. Sometimes it pays to go on the road less-traveled as you never know what you might come across.

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We've visited Monaco! I'd love to visit the rest of these French speaking countries too though.