Virgil Debuts New Off White Nike Sneaker

A new Off White Nike sneaker for 2019.

As far as Coachella's shoe game, Virgil Abloh stole the show.

Virgil is everywhere nowadays, and yesterday at Coachella he debuted a new Off White Nike sneaker. Several images are floating around, but no word on the name of the model or release date.

The shoe has a heavy hiking/trail vibe which was said to be 2019's new trend in footwear. So far, that prediction is on point because I've seen a lot of trail/hiking inspired footwear from various brands this year.

We all know more looks we surface soon, but based off the first look, how do you feel?

Do you want a pair or are you good?

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No grown adult should be wearing these. They need a "Minor Only" detail on the sole.




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