adidas Y3 Kaiwa

After several previews, the new Y3 sneaker is

adidas Y3 Kaiwa...

The wait is almost over.

Back in January I posted a preview of 2018 adidas Y3 releases. One of the standout shoes featured in the preview was the Y3 Kaiwa model. If you were checking for this model, you'll be able to rock two of the three colors previewed soon.

Barneys New York has the Black and White Y3 Kaiwa available for pre-order, but don't BS if you want a pair because sizes are already starting to sell out. In case you're wondering, the materials are leather, neoprene, and nylon.

I'm not a fan of all Y3 models, but Y3 gets it right more than other high end brands. This model looks like a futuristic high fashion sneaker, but the million dollar question is: how comfortable is this shoe?

Y3 is never cheap so you'll have to drop $400 if you want a pair.

How do you feel about this new Y3 model?

adidas Y3 Kaiwa

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It looks like a Huarache to me... how many pair Huaraches can I pick up with that $400? 🤔