American Eagle Opens Sneaker Pop Up Shop In New York, Followed By Outrage


American Eagle embraces sneaker resell market by partnering with Urban Necessities.

And a lot of people have mixed feelings about the partnership.

There is A LOT of money in the sneaker industry, and that includes reselling sneakers. Flight Club has survived for years for a reason. eBay was once the go-to place online for a reason. Stadium Goods, GOAT, Grailed, StockX, and many, many more are in business for a reason.

Foot Locker recently shocked the world by announcing its $100 Million investment in GOAT app. Something tells me this is just the beginning.

American Eagle Outfitters recently partnered with Las Vegas based sneaker consignment shop Urban Necessities. The partnership's focus is a sneaker pop up shop at American Eagle's 599 Broadway location.

The pop up shop is powered by Urban Necessities, and serves as UN's newest location.

This power move is smart BUSINESS on both ends, right? I'll admit, it's weird knowing you can cop "heat" at American Eagle, but I understand why both brands decided to partner.

However, this move has upset a few people, including Jeff Staple who recently shared his thoughts:

"Need your honest opinion here on this one... American Eagle Outfitters is a publicly traded retailer that does about $4 billion in sales annually covering about 1,000 stores & employing 24,000 people.
This week, ppl started pinging me saying, “Yo, you’re selling your Pigeons at americaneagle?!”

So I walk by their Soho flagship location and literally lost my breath seeing my Panda Pigeon & Black Pigeon Dunk sitting front & center in the main window display! On the side of the building? A huge billboard with cncpts Purple Lobsters, djkhaled Jordan’s & other high heat kicks.

I do some digging and realize they have “collaborated” (aka invested in) a reseller store because: “Sneakers are about self-expression. Our brand is built on individual style...We have the second-largest (U.S.) jeans business (after Walmart). Jeans and sneakers are great pairs.”

Ohkayyyy...So because this $4bil dollar retailer now decided sneaker & street culture are “trending”, they get to throw logos of other brands all over their store without permission?

Does this mean if they partner with a handbag reseller next month, they can put LV & Hermès handbags in their windows and marketing campaigns?

In my opinion, this really skirts the line between what’s legal, what’s moral, what’s ethical and what’s just plain wack.
Would love to hear your thoughts...🤔"

Word for word, that's what Jeff Staple had to say.

Of course his post started a debate with some people agreeing with him, while others feel he's simply hating.

Read a few comments below:

As Brendan Dunne, co-host of Full Size Run mentions, Jaysse Lopez aka Two Js explained the partnership during his visit to the talk show. Watch below for more info.

Now here's where you come in: HOW DO YOU FEEL about this partnership?

Let's talk about it in the comments section.

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Money money money. Everyone wants a piece of the sneaker culture


Anywhere there is a significant amount of money Cardi B voice to be made, there is a significant amount of people lurking to get their hands on it. People dont give af about the culture, they give af about the money Cardi B voice. So with that being said, I'm surprised, but not surprised. I'm not really "outraged" though because at the end of the day, you can spend your money Cardi B voice wherever you want to spend your money Cardi B voice, so you can easily not shop there if you think they're vultures. With moves like this, yall are really going to be pissed when Wal-Mart and Amazon start reselling legit sneakers...Money! Cardi B voice



Nike, Adidas and the other sneaker brands should be ashamed of themselves. They knew reselling was out there but choose to ignore it. Two J’s comes along and was smart about his moves. I have no issue with this at all. I never owned anything American Eagle and never will. I have never bought anything from Urban Necessities but if they have some heat I want at the right price I would cop. Same if it was sold at American Eagle. It’s obviously that Jeff Staple is jealous of this situation. I love sneakers but I could careless about where I buy them from and would obviously prefer to get everything for retail. All of this is basically the changing of the sneaker game and if you don’t like it don’t play it’s really that simple.


The immature me wants to hate this. We all grew up with AE and know the stereotype of the person who shops there. On the other hand business is business and you cant argue that Jay is making big moves. YOU CAN NOT HATE ON THIS MAN. He started as one of us and on our level. His hustle and humbleness got him to this point. Also UN is not the first in the "sneaker community" to have corporate backing as mentioned by Teddy. Times have changed and people need to accept that.


Seems about right. $2,000 sneakers and $30 stonewashed bootcut denims for all the fledgling hypebeasts.