Cheating & Neglectful Husband Gets His Heated Collection Ruined

girlfriend destroys sneaker collection

Another one bites the dust.

This could possibly the worst cheating sneakerhead story we've ever came across for a few reasons. Not only did buddy have some great sneakers like "Cork" LeBron 10, Doernbecher Air Jordan 4, Olympic 7, and more, but this looks like only half of the ruined sneakers. The Wife hit Instagram in press release fashion to announce her Husband's cheating ways and the results of his actions.

She goes on to say:

Just did a quick custom on 50+ pairs of shoes. Every sneaker has a special cut to it whether it's all the laces and tongue and/or the shoe itself cut up :). Can you spot your fav? #Part3 When you find your soon to be ex-husband was fu*^kin hoes On Christmas Eve, women he's worked with, and more... while their child is fighting for their life in the hospital, you do sh*t like this.

Destroying property is not cool at all, but based on the story it's obvious to tell the level of pain the Wife was in to wreak havoc like this. RIP to buddy's sneaker collection. This issue seems to be bigger than sneakers and hopefully things don't get worse for the Family.

Moral of this story: Just keep your sneakers in a storage unit and don't give your Wife the key, ever!