Here's A Leaked Photo Of What Could Be The Kanye West x adidas Yeezi 3

adidas yeezi 3 kanye west yeezy possible sneaker

Is this it?! ::Kanye shrug::

Let's analyze this photo real quick shall we? There's a female holding a high top tan suede sneaker with a mid-foot strap. And a dude who has a hair cut and skin color very similar to Kanye West. This looks like something Kanye West would wear, and the fellow who leaked the image claims it is the Kanye West x adidas Yeezi 3. We cannot confirm if this is the Yeezi 3 or not, but if you want my personal opinion, it looks like a Kanye West sneaker. Stick with TSG as we keep you updated on the Kanye West x adidas Yeezi 3.

Source: @mercedesslr